Please see all records maintained by Estero Island Medical Care by following the below:


Patient Portal


Patients can view, download, and transmit their health records from the Patient Portal or the Patient Information Center.

A patient can send the health record using Direct Messaging, a secure, encrypted method for transmitting health information, or using regular email, which is not encrypted.

Note: To use Direct Messaging, the patient may need to phone the receiving provider to find out that provider's Direct email address (these addresses contain "@direct" in the address).


  1. Log in to the Patient Portal or the Patient Information Center
  2. Click My Health
  3. Click Health Records. The Health Records page appears.
  4. Specify the dates of service for the health information that you want to view, download, or send.
    • All time - The default option displays your entire health record.
    • Single Date - Specify the date for the information, for example, the date of your last physical exam.
    • Specify the From date and the To date to display health information from the dates of service in that time range.
  5. Specify the type of document that you want to view, download, or send (for more information about the CCDA and CCD document types, see Summary of Care Record/Continuity of Care Document).
    • Consolidated Clinical Summary (CCDA) - Select this option to capture your complete health record.
      Note: If your organization has separate chart groups - for example, one chart group for behavioral health and another chart group for all other medical care - a CCDA document is downloaded for each chart group when the patient selects this option
    • Encounter Clinical Summary (CCD) - Select this option to create a continuity of care document. The CCD provides a snapshot of your medical history based on visits, including information critical to continuing care.
    • Referral Notes - Select this option to send the notes created when your provider referred you to the receiving provider.
    • Discharge Summaries - Select this option to send medication information pertaining to your hospital visit and care after discharge.
      Note: This option appears only if you use athenaOne for Hospitals & Health Systems.
    View, download, or transfer the file
  6. If you selected the Consolidated Clinical Summary (CCDA) option as the file format, you can click Show Preview to display the health record. Click Hide Preview to remove the display.
  7. To download your health record, click the Download button. A .zip file containing your health record is downloading to your computer.
  8. To send your health record using Direct Messaging:
    1. Click the Send via Direct Address tab.
    2. Enter the provider's Direct Address in the field.
      Note: If you do not know the provider's Direct address, contact the provider (these addresses contain "@direct" in the address).
    3. Click the Send button.
      If the receiving provider uses athenaClinicals, athenaNet classifies the CCDA document as a clinical document (ClinicalDocument_CCDA) and routes it to the Clinical Inbox.
  9. To send your health record using email:
    1. Click the Send via Email tab.
      The tab displays a warning about sending sensitive information via unencrypted email.
      Important: Make certain that the email address is correct! After you send the email, you cannot cancel or recover it.
    2. Email - Enter the provider's email address in the field.
    3. Confirm Email - Enter the provider's email address again in this field.
    4. Click the Send button.
      The email recipient receives a one-time use link to the health record.

Welcome to Estero Healthcare

The South Clinic is open on Monday to Saturday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m

The North Clinic is open Monday and Tuesday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.;

Thursday and Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Walk-Ins Welcome!

About Estero Healthcare

Estero Healthcare is a practice devoted to providing comprehensive family medicine and urgent care services to every member of the family. With two locations in north and south Fort Myers Beach, Florida, the clinics are able to swiftly handle most common medical issues and routine health care, giving their patients the tools they need to lead healthy, happy lives.

The expert teams at each location are headed up by trained physicians who understand the medical needs of patients of all ages. From newborns up to the most senior members of the family, Estero Healthcare provides services for every stage of life.

The providers at Estero Healthcare believe that each patient deserves prompt medical attention, which is why wait times are normally under 15 minutes. While calling ahead is always recommended, the two clinics welcome walk-ins during their hours of operation.

Once the patient arrives, the staff is able to quickly assess the medical issue thanks to on-site X-ray services and laboratories, which means patients can get on the road to better health more quickly.

From fevers and flus to minor accidents and injuries, the urgent care services at Estero Healthcare address most common medical problems. The two locations also offer routine care, including pediatric and women’s health care.

To learn more about the family medicine and urgent care services at Estero Healthcare, call or use the online scheduling tool to set up an appointment. You can also simply walk in during the hours of operation.

Major Accepted Insurances

We accept all major insurance carriers such as BCBS, Medicare, Tricare, and United Healthcare.

Please let us know if you don't see your insurance listed. We will then provide you with the necessary forms needed for you to file a claim and will assist you with that process.

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